Online cello lessons

  • High quality online lessons that don't compromise on effectiveness.
  • From the safety of your home and a more affordable price!

Lessons in Central London

  • You're welcome to come have lessons at my studio in Camden, Swiss Cottage.
  • And I can travel to your place if it's within zones 1 to 3.

My Lessons

I am very passionate about teaching and I've been working as a teacher for many years. I work with students of all ages and skill levels, from complete beginners to advanced players.

I work with my students on building a solid cello technique foundation, through the teaching of only the best practices of cello playing. I put a lot of thought into how we can use the body in an efficient and natural way, and I always strive for a deeper understanding of the playing technique.

I pay close attention to my students' progress and always push them to improve their playing by teaching efficient practicing methods and offering study materials that are just the right amount of challenging.

My lessons cover everything a cellist needs to know, from cello technique to music theory, aural training, singing, and how to practice effectively.

I am qualified with an Artist Diploma degree from the Royal College of Music in London and a Master of Music degree from Italian conservatoire "Jacopo Tomadini". More of that in the Biography page.

London Cello Studio

To promote my teaching after coming to London I have also founded the London Cello Studio, through which I handle many of my students. Check out the website below for more information on that as well!